How do I know what sort of door to buy?

The type of door depends on the installation:
Cold Room/Freezer: Use only a door with a double insulated curtain to prevent the cold air from escaping.  A lot of people use a single insulated door for chill rooms and freezers to save on the initial cost of door purchase only to find the rooms fail to maintain the required temperature.  In the long run, their compressors work harder to keep the room cooler, becoming a lot more expensive to chill the area down.

Perimeter of Building: Use a door that will be able to take the high wind loads and one that is suitable to handle getting wet from the rain and with stand the harsh temperatures of the sun.

Environment: Use a door that is compatible for the environment where it is installed in. Examples of this are:
Clean Roomthis door must be able to be cleaned easily with a hose and not corrode or be affected by water.
Dust/Cement Environmentthis type of door must withstand the harsh, abrasive affects of dust and cement where performance is not impaired and continue to function without any issues.

How do the doors activate?

There are different methods to make a door go up and down and it all depends on the work situation.  Listed below are the different methods of activation:

Vehicle induction loops
Remote push buttons
Photo electric sensors
Pull cord Switches

All doors can operate in semi automatic or full automatic mode.

 How long can the installation take?

It all depends on the size of the door and if vehicle induction loops are required.  As an estimate, anywhere from 8 to 16 hours.

And repairs to my existing door?

As an example, when a forklift damages a door, it can be expensive to repair.

Rest assured, Nergeco doors are the cheapest door on the market to be repaired.  All parts are local and down-time is minimal.  Remember, we provide a 24/7 service.

The picture featured on this page was taken upon completion of one of our jobs for a Wine Producer.